Where Do Potatoes Come From?


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Scientists have discovered that all the DNA of modern potato crops can be traced back to Peru and potatoes cultivated over 7,000 years ago. The potato was grown widely across Latin America from early times. It was "discovered" by Spanish explorers and brought back to Spain around 1570. Its popularity was limited for some time in Europe. For example, in France the potato was thought suitable only as animal fodder or for very poor people until an agronomist Antoine Augustin Parmentier proved its nutritional value. He responded to a competition launched by the Academy of Besançon to find plants likely to benefit mankind in the event of famine. His prizewinning entry on the potato led to him being supported in propagating the potato.Its growing popularity as a foodstuff was marked by noblemen giving over the land for potato cultivation. Even the king wore a potato flower in his buttonhole to mark it newfound popularity. Parmentier's efforts were even rewarded by the temporary naming of the potato as a "parmentière" in his honour.
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Were is come from originally potatoes?
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If I am right , it should be come from a potato crop

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