What Is The Meaning Of Nipa Hut?


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Nipa is a palm tree native to the Philippines. It also refers to an alcoholic beverage made from that plant. I'm going to make a leap here and suggest that a nipa hut is a place where nipa is served.

But I would be wrong. It is the national house of the Philippines.
. It is
constructed out of bamboo tied together. They work well as shelter from
average wind and rain. The downside of their bamboo construction is that
are easily damaged in larger storms, but are inexpensive and easy to
The Nipa Hut is considered as one of the Philippines' cozy and
pleasurable places to relax.It is widely used in the Philippine resorts
and has an airy surroundings. One reason why most of the foreigners who
stayed here in the Philippines prefer nipa huts on the seasides rather
than choosing concrete structures is because its comfortable and more
relaxing in the inside. Resort owners choose nipa huts as their rooms
because they aren't expensive and easy and thrifty to maintain.

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