How Do You Clean The Paint Zoom Gun Paint Spraying System?


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You love your paint gun, not only is it the ultimate in super cool male toys, it's a useful tool that can help you to do a difficult and dreary job in a much shorter amount of time than it would take with traditional paint tools.  It also allows a layman to paint like a professional and at a more than reasonable price. But your favorite tool will face a short and painful life if it is not cared for, and cleaned in a timely manner. 

The professionals advise that you clean your Paint Zoom Gun after each and every job. This will help prolong its life and ensure that it works properly on subsequent jobs you plan on completing.  Cleaning is easy and fast as long as it is done after every job. Use a high pressure hose if you are cleaning it outside, and some detergent can be used as well.  As a finishing touch, you may also use a mix of water mixed very lightly with bleach.

If you are worried about clogging your drains or killing your grass and do not want to use a high pressure hose to clean out the individual parts of your Paint Zoom Gun, you can use either some paper towels or a cotton rag.  Use a straight stick, and run the rag or towel through all parts of your Paint Zoom Gun until they collect no more paint. Once you have cleaned your Paint Zoom Gun, be sure to store it in a dry place where moisture cannot come in contact with it, and you'll have a great tool which you can use for years to come. 

Use these methods to show your Paint Zoom Gun some love and keep it clean and ready for the next time you need it to go to work for you.

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