Is The Paint Zoom Any Good?


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The Paint Zoom has received mixed reviews from its customers, but it all depends on what you are painting.  It's praise comes from the time-saving aspect, but its drawbacks are it's time-consuming maintenance, easily breakable parts and the quality of the finished product.

The main consensus seems to be that it is better for painting outdoor furniture as opposed to indoor walls and ceilings.  The praise for the Paint Zoom is that it, being a spray it reduces the time by a great deal.  Understandable really as unless painting is your profession, it’s a monotonous drone that can take days full of clutter and mess and when you think you’ve finished, you’ve forgot the second coat.

Negative reviews state that the Paint Zoom is not as ‘plug and play’ as the advertisements suggest.  It works better with water-based paints such as emulsions and not so well with solvent-based paints like gloss.  That’s most likely because it is a spray and solvent-based paints may be too thick for the device.

The television adverts make out that the time saving aspect is too good to be true.  Well many reviewers have said that while it gets the actual task of painting completed quicker, the sheer amount of cleaning and maintenance it requires will steal away that saved time.  The paint barrel must be cleaned with water if you’re using emulsion and white spirit if you’re using gloss, then the nozzle has to be cleaned to make sure it won’t get caked with paint and clog up.

The parts themselves are said to be light and poorly made and the paint drum is prone to dropping out of the bottom.

I imagine that professionals would stay away from it, judging from the reviews it’s received.  But if you’re just giving your home or garden furniture a quick do-over, then it’ll make the job quicker.
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No, although it might be okay for fences and decking. First, the instructions are dreadful, awful graphics and no help when things don't go as planned. I filled the reservoir up with emulsion and after 10 minutes nothing happened. I re-read the instructions, tried different things and eventually diluted the paint. Still wouldn't work. I emptied the paint out and tried it with water. Hey presto, it worked. Having diluted the emulsion so it did start straying I ended up with streaks, poor coverage, trying some of the few adjustments it offers. Half an hour later I threw it in the bin and got the roller out. Yet another of those products that look great on the tv, yet never delivers. 1/10
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Might be useful for spraying wooden furniture outside. If you spray inside, you get color pigments absolutely everywhere and it will take weeks to clean everything which was not covered when spraying...
So, if you live in a flat - forget it. If you want to paint your walls (or anything) inside - forget it.
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It depends on the situation.

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