How do i convert a Benjamin Moore color to PMS color?


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Benjamin Moore and PMS are both color companies that produce color charts. To convert a Benjamin Moore color into a PMS one, you simply need to find the online color chart. Follow these steps;
  • Type "Benjamin Moore color chart" or "PMS color chart" into Google. You will then have both the color charts, open these in different windows or tabs.

  • The next step is to simply find the closest match to the color you want to convert on either chart. This will then be the PMS color you want.

  • It is impossible to convert a Benjamin Moore color, all you can do is find the closest match on the different color scheme. No doubt there will be a color with an extremely close match, maybe more than one.

Color charts come in useful when you need to match colors or find colors that compliment each other. This also helps you avoid clashing two colors that won't work together.

If you are using a color wheel, these are even better for distinguishing which colors go because the colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are usually a perfect match for each other in shade and brightness. Colors that are next to each other on the wheel often do not go together well at all. This is a useful gage to measure which combinations of colors to use in a piece of art to get the maximum effect.

Benjamin Moore and PMS are basically two rival painting companies, and so will sell almost identical products and rely on people trusting the brand to win out. This is why you can guarantee there will be a close matching color for you.

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