Who buys cardboard boxes for recycle use in dallas texas?


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There is recyling program in Dallas, Texas called the "Too Good to Throw Away" program . You can find out more about it at www.dallascityhall.com/sanitation/faqs_recycling.html

It is a program that allows residents of Dallas to recycle the goods they have that are in good condition. The recycle items are sent on to a recycling plant and turned into other products or sent on to places that will reuse things like cardboard boxes. You can look on this site to find the drop-off sites that are close to you. They do not "buy" cardboard boxes for recycle use, but you can donate them.

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As for who will buy boxes for recycle we did not find anywhere online that listed this answer. There were plenty of sites that sell recycled cardboard boxes in Dallas, Texas for you to buy. You may want to try contacting one or more of these locations to see if they know who might purchase used cardboard boxes and resell them. Often the people in the business of recycling know where you can get a little money for recycling.

Greenlife, best price boxes, ecobox and tree hugger boxes are some of the sites that sell recycled cardboard boxes that may also buy used boxes or at least be able to tell you who does. These sites all end in the .com so you can just type in their address or use a search engine to locate them.

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A search in Google trying to find who buys boxes provided these sites and about ten others in the Dallas area with recycle and cardboard boxes as the keywords. You may try selling used boxes online at places like eBay.

A lot of people do not mind buying used as long as it is in good condition and local for things like cardboard boxes given how much they cost new from UHaul or Lowes.

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