Who Buys Recycled Glass & How Much ?


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Recycled glass can be used for a number of purposes. With a clear focus on reducing carbon footprints and being more environmentally friendly, glass is just one of the products that can be recycled.  Even though it is very popular, the price of recycled glass is usually not as high as that of scrap metal or gold for example. Its price will depend on where you are buying it and what form you are buying it in. Check with a few local dealers first to find the best deal.

The price will depend on the colour and cleanliness of the glass. In general, coloured or highly decorative glass will not be worth as much as clean, clear glass.

It can be bought by families who are looking for some glass to use in their home for windows or kitchen countertops. Additionally, it can be used for fiberglass insulation and for storm water drainage systems.

Manufacturers can use recycled glass to make glass bottles, jars, vases and many other products. It could be used by a drink’s company to produce bottles of beer or by a home interior retailer producing glasses and plates for the home.

Recycled glass could even be used for decorative surfaces, such as table tops or flooring tiles. It can even be ground down and used as a ground covering instead of sand. There are also some companies that specialise in making tiles and flooring from broken up bits of recycled glass, which when combined together give a really unique finish.

It could even be combined with macadam to make a type of road surface. Local councils may be able to save money and be more environmentally friendly by combining the two products.
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12oz beer and wine bottle collected in bulk. Sorted by color and transported to buy back center if they take them crushed that would be best but not needed
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Clear glass is most popular and green the least (mainly because there's so much of it.) You can get an idea about the recycled glass market here - the site is run by an organisation called WRAP which deals with all kinds of recycling issues.
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In Georgia

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