Can you turn any item that is recycled into something else?


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Everything gets turned into something else sooner or later--not necessarily by humans.

If you put something into a recycle bin, is there a commercial process available for turning it into something else? Maybe. Maybe not. There may be such processes available in some places, but not in other places. Some things that are put into recycle bins end up in land fills.

Do you have permission to turn recycled items into something else? Generally, yes--unless they contain toxic materials. Recycled electronic items usually get special treatment because of the lead (and gold) they can contain. Some are turned into artwork.

If an item has been recycled, it has been put to use some way. (That's what recycled means.) It might be used in its original form for the original purpose or for a different purpose. It might be used in altered form (turned into something else). Recycled paper tends to be turned into paper or cardboard, but it could be finely chopped and turned into insulation, for example. Recycled bottles might be turned into drinking glasses.

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