How Much Is Mixed Recycled Glass Worth By The Ton?


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Scrap mixed bottles will fetch up to $6 (£3.65) per tonne. Scrap clear bottles will fetch up to $24 (£14) per tonne.

Glass is composed of potash and sand. Glass is traded as mixed color broken glass, emerald (or green), amber (or brown), and flint (or clear). The price will depend on the color and cleanliness. Glass will actually have the least unstable price out of all recycling commodities. Clean flint broken glass is the most popular of the recycled glass scraps. Most recyclers will color sort then crush or break and screen the bottles before they sell their product.

The UK now recycles 752,000 tonnes of glass annually. Glass is the perfect material to recycle. It is just about infinitely recyclable when it is utilised for the manufacture of new glass containers. Utilising recycled glass in any new containers will help to save energy. It will help in ceramic and brick manufacture, cuts down on energy consumption, safeguards raw materials, and will reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Mechanical processing systems will break the recovered glass into tinier pieces. These pieces are called the cullet. Vacuum systems, screens and magnets will then remove caps, pieces of plastic, labels and metals. The cullet will then be blended with limestone, soda ash and silica sand. The mixture will then be melted and subsequently blow moulded into a new glass container. 

The recycled glass will be manufactured into fiberglass insulation and glass containers. The construction industry will use the lower grade glass for asphalt paving, material for road bases and backfills for utility trenches.
_When one tonne of glass is recycled, it will save 1.2 tonnes of raw new materials. It will save about 18 per cent energy that is needed to make new glass. __
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Depends on the type of glass right now they are starting to use recycled glass from bottles in making custom countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. They are even looking at making floor tiles and wall tiles with acrylics/epoxies with glass suspended in I am going to say recycled glass will be going up in price depending on demand as they find more uses for it. So I would say you would have to check with a recycling center that processes glass.I have found sites giving the price per ton as 7.50 - 20 dollars per ton.

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