Are Books Recycled?


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Books are indeed recyclable. One way you can recycle your old books is by simply taking them to a charity shop where they will resell them ~ giving the charity of your choice much needed income. Another way is to dispose of them in a book-bank. A book bank is a recyclable unit where you can leave your books and they will be recycled into all sorts of things ~ even motorways!

When a book goes to a recycling unit, they first use a solution to dissolve the ink from the print. After that, the paper can be soaked and then pulped and made into more books produced on recycled paper, or as I said before, used in hard surfaces such as motorways to bulk the road out.

Hard-cover books are harder to recycle than soft-cover books due to the laminating process used in hard-cover books. Telephone directories can also be recycled, but because they are made from another grade of paper to that of soft-cover books, and they have a lot of glue binding, they have to be recycled in a different more complex way.
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Yes books are recyclable because they are made out of paper.
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Yes have you ever noticed the bins that say " donate books and clothes hear" and the etheir put it in a used book store, give them to a libray or give it to the poor

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