How Much Are Recycled Wood Pallets Worth?


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Recycled wood pallets can range from $2 to $10 depending on size, cut and so on.

There are a number of uses for recycled wood pallets and The United States Department of Agriculture have offered a list of possible uses. They include particle board, strip flooring, compost and mulch. However, if you’re looking to sell recycled wooden pallets then there are various outlets you can look to sell to including a pallet broker or an individual who needs the use of them.

Firstly you need to gather your wood pallets and group together the ones that are in the best condition and then you should sort the rest in terms of their quality. Once you have done that then you should contact furniture and woodworking schools in your local area to inform them that you have wood pallets to sell if they require them. To find them you should simply look through the phone book or the woodworkers directory, as well as local schools online. You could also attempt to sell your wood pallets to brokers, so why not have a look on to find contact information and see if they are interested in purchasing your pallets.

Another option you could choose is to put an ad in your local newspaper. Due to the circulation your ad could be seen by a large amount of people which is an advantage, however sometimes people bypass the ads section so you may want to weigh up the pros and cons before spending money on an advert.
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Where in central arkansas can I sell used wooden pallets and who gives the most per pallet and how much can I expect to get per pallet.
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How much is a bundle of wooden pallets here in california

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