How Do I Get Rid Of Wood Pallets?


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The simple solution is to ask the company delivering to you if they will pick up the leftover pallets afterwards. In both the UK and the US this is generally considered commonplace, because it saves said company having to buy new ones as replacements.
The wood itself is already reclaimed and recycled; a mash-up of otherwise unwanted and unsuitable wood. As a result it’s popular as firewood and a common sight on bonfires. You could alternatively sell it, or offer it to a local pallet craft group.
In America there are companies that will buy used wood pallets from you, but it’s more likely they will at least take them off your hands for free. Go to the North American Pallet Recycling Network at for more information.
You can also check out This is a directory of wood pallet manufacturers around the US that is searchable by zip code. You can use the site to find local companies seeking pallets for re-use.
In the case of having one or two that need to go you can return them to your local Home Depot store, and claim you had a delivery and are returning them. In the UK this will be at the likes of B&Q and Homebase. Other building firms will be interested though, so calling around is advisable.
Please note that some building purchases have mention of the pallets and will expect return. Also note that some companies are importing, so the wood in question is often exotic hardwood which can be valuable. If it looks nice then investigate, as you might have had a stroke of luck.
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Used wooden pallets can have numerous alternative uses. But it depends on the limitations of your company. You can sell them as firewood to locals. Or look around for people who are interested in using these pallets for different purposes like pallet craft, where people make different stuff like tables, benches, chairs out of old wooden pallets.
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Call KING PALLET, they come out for a charge, but fuel at $5 per gallon I don't blame them.
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We are a fish company and have loas of broken pallets. How do we get rid of them ? Any ideas we are in Hull

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I burn mine

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