Where Can I Purchase Replacement Black Metal Canisters For Tiki Torches (for The Type Of Torches Sold In Home Depot)?


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You will not be able to buy the replacement black metal canisters for Tiki torches anywhere because they were recalled for safety reasons in August 2005, which makes it illegal for anyone to supply them anymore.

There were approximately 963,000 torches and about 18,000 replacement canisters that were recalled by the manufacturers of these torches, Lamplight Farms because there were 33 reports that the torches had caught fire resulting in six minor injuries and nine properties that were damaged.

The reason that this happened was because the coatings on some of the flame guards and replacement canisters absorbed the fuel, which led them to ignite, which obviously poses a very real risk of fire and injuries.

The recalled units have the following UPC numbers so you will know if yours is included: 086861010372 (the Beachcomber); 086861013335 (the Seagrass); 086861010457 (the Sandpiper); and 076354995262 (which is the replacement canister). You will find these numbers on the packaging and on the tag that was attached to the torches.

You should stop using your torch immediately and contact Lamplight Farms at (800) 645-5267 or (800) 638-2772. You can also have a look at their website, the address is: Www.lamplightfarms.com.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) still wants to know if anyone has experienced any incidents or injuries in connection with these torches, or any other issues that are related to this product. You can contact them by going to www.saferproducts.gov.

Injuries, deaths and damage to property caused by faulty products are responsible for costing the United States more than $900 billion every single year. If you know of a product that is dangerous, you can report it to CPSC; you will find all of the details at: Www.cpsc.gov.
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I am searching for the same thing. Black metal canisters. Anyone have these anymore?
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I used 8 ounce miller beer bottles.   The tops screw on and you get to drink too.   oh my god could it get any better.
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You can't.  They have been recalled due to the risk catching fire.  No one manufactures them anymore.  See this link:  www.cpsc.gov

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