I Have A Black And Decker Storage Shed(purchased At Lowes Where Can I Find Parts Such As Door Hinge (Stud For Top Of Door)?


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Almost all hardware shops can get you some form of replacement parts, unless you are specifically looking for B&D parts. Even so, your neighbourhood hardware place might be able to bring in some for you if you don't want to go back to B&D. Have a look and see if your shed is under warranty or not and determine if the parts that need replacing are due to a defect. You might even get them to replace the whole thing for you if so.

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Hello guys! To be honest, I am really far from this theme. However, I bought it because my ex-boyfriend has the same problem. I gave him Black And Decker hedge trimmer HT22 as a present and he was extremely glad to see it. So, you should also have a look at it and understand the system .

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Hello. If you are looking for quality products, I advise you to shop at contact lowes. They are open until 12 pm, which I did not know before. They have everything you could ever look for right at your fingertips. They also have the option of picking up groceries if you don't want to go to the store.

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Go back to Lowes and ask the workers there because they probably have all of the parts that you need.

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