When Do You Fertilize A Vegetable Garden?


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If you are growing a vegetable garden, the first thing to check is that the soil where you are growing it is fertile. If the fertility is not to the required level, you may consider using fertilizers. However, you can use fertilizers even if the soil you are growing the garden in is fertile. Using a fertilizer increases the quantity and quality of the yield. There are different types of fertilizers that you can use for different purposes. Some fertilizers you can use to enhance the growth of leaves and also foliation. There are other fertilizers you can use to enhance the quality of the soil itself and increase the amount of nutrients present in it.

You can use fertilizers right after planting the sapling, or after they have grown a bit, depending on a number of factors. However, when using fertilizers, you must be careful to ensure that these do not find their way to the nearby water source. This is because some of the fertilizers can be harmful for us when present in larger quantities. There is a possibility that though you are using them in small and appropriate quantities, they could find their way to a nearby water source and accumulate there, and then become a source of worry for all concerned.

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