How Do I Refinish / Resurface An Acrylic Sink?


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The main tools required for resurfacing an acrylic sink are masking tape, paper, epoxy paint or primer, respirator or face mask, sandpaper and palm sander, high volume low pressure spray gun, chemical cleaners, EP-acrylic top coat.

Chemical cleaners should be used to clean the old surface. This will help remove all the surface grease. After using the cleaner the surface should be washed thoroughly and then left to dry.

The first process to start this refinish the sink is to sand the whole sink. As a result of sanding the surface will become rough and it will help the acrylic top coat to bond better. The best sandpaper to use is the Palm sander as it vibrates and sands more evenly.

After sanding it is time to begin painting and before painting cover all the other exposed surfaces. The best product to use is EP-Acrylic which an acrylic polymer coating. It produces a strong and durable finish and it is available in a wide variety of colours.

For painting the primer should be prepared according to the instructions given on the box and then poured in the spray gun holder. First try it out on some other surface to see if the gun is working properly.

Paint in a back and forth motion to get an even coating. Apply two layers of primer and wait 20 to 30 minutes between each coat. The acrylic top coat should be applied two to three times and allowed to dry between each coat.

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