How Do You Hang A Swag Curtain?


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Swag curtains are made by utilizing a flowing material and hanging it freely over a drapery rod. While the material is typically sheer, you can make diverse looks by joining curtains with various fabrics, hues or lengths.

An additional valance or set of blinds can be added to the window underneath the swag curtain for additional security. Accomplishing the vibe of an ideal, flowing swag curtain isn't troublesome, but since the material is just hung over the rod, it might come free. Knotting the corners keeps it from falling.

Things You Will Need

ü  Self-locking pins

ü  Measuring tape

ü  Masking tape

Ø  Shirr the curtain on the rod. On the off chance that you have two curtain boards, separate them uniformly on the rod, leaving a spread in the center so the swag can plunge directly in the middle of that space.

Ø  Make transitory creases in the swag valance, longwise, as though you were making a paper fan. Overlay the swag in delicate 4-inch folds until it shapes one long, meager bit of texture. You don't need to be so exact as to utilize a ruler, however, the folds ought to be to some degree even.

Ø  Wrap the swag valance over your arm, collapsing it in two. Watch that the closures are even. Handle the center point in your grasp and imprint this spot with a straight stick or a few sticks so you can without much of a stretch see this marker.

Ø  Spot the swag valance over the highest point of the rod and your curtain. Change the valance with the goal that the stick falls amidst the window between the two curtains.

Ø  Tuck the two last parts of the valance behind the curtain or curtains with the goal that they lie level between the back of the curtain and the divider or window.

Ø  Measure the separation between the highest point of the curtain and the spot that you need the base of the swag to fall. This is the "drop factor." For this situation, suppose that you need the swag to plunge a sum of 6 crawls amidst the window.

Ø  This is just a rule, as you may choose to abbreviate or lengthen the drop factor once you see the swag valance on the window. Be that as it may, the drop factor will help direct your endeavors – and perhaps decrease pedestrian activity on your progression stepping stool.

Ø  Tenderly pull on the swag valance, on the privilege and left sides of the stick, until you accomplish your ideal drop factor – for this situation, around 6 inches aggregate. The fan-like creases that you made in the texture will slide in an effortless half hover on the window to showcase your decorating aptitudes.

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If you want to cover the rod when swagging a scarf... Center scarf over rod , pull swag drape to desired length...hand stitch top opening as long as you need ( 2-3 x )  to prevent swag hanging open.
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1. Take the left curtain panel,which is 2.5 inches longer than the right curtain panel. Lay the curtain panel lining side up. Then wrap the top of the curtain over the pole and staple onto the right of your pole.

2. Next take the right curtain panel and lay lining side up. Then simply place the top of the curtain onto the right of your pole. Then staple into place. Both curtains are now stapled into place on your pole. One wrapped over and the other simply placed on top of the pole and stapled into place.

3. Then the swag spans between the curtains. One end of the swag fixes straight to the back of the pole (the wrap over end). Then the other end of your swag comes round to the front and then wraps over the pole and fixes over the back. You are stapling on top of where you fixed the top of your curtain panels.
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A swag curtain is always a good idea if you want to add some colour to your home. They are fairly simple to make at home and you can hang them yourself without any help.

You should simply cut one width of a sheet about 24" - 48" long – depending of course on the fullness you want – and whatever is left over to hang on the sides will have to suffice. Next you should hem both the top and the bottom by rolling 1", then folding it in half, and stitching it near the second fold.

If by chance you have a wide window you will need to do a little more work, but it's still quite easy. First, measure your window width and then determine exactly how long you want the swag to be and then double the measurement. Add it to your width measurement. You will now have to add another 6" - 12" in order to allow some soft draping across the top.

The key for swags, especially if you need more than one width, is that you don't want a seam in the centre.

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