What Happens If You Use Too Much Starter Fertilizer On New Grass?


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Too much on fertilizer, whether on new grass or growing grass is never a good idea. In fact if you excessively spread starter fertilizer on your new grass you are likely to cause the grass to die out. Excessive amounts can actually burn the new grass which is tender and fragile.

To accurately decide on the kind of starter fertilizer to be used as well as the amount in which it should be used, you can always carry out a soil test. If not, simply apply the starter fertilizer as per the package instructions.

The high phosphate concentration in starter fertilizer is what enhances growth of new grass. You will find that new grass requires much greater care until the phase where it becomes established.
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Is 19-19-19 fertilizer okay to use on new grass and if so how much, can it be mixed together with the grass seed as you are spreading it

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