What Does Cleaning The Augean Stables Mean?


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In Greek mythology, tremendously filthy stables were called Augean stables. The king of Elis, Augeas ( Augeias) is known for his stables. These stables held the largest number of cattle in the country. The king never ordered to clean the stables. The geart hero called Herakles or Heracles came to his country. Heracles is known as Hercules in Rome and modern west. These stables were at last cleaned by Hercules. His task was to clean the4se stables in single day. Hercules diverted two rivers through these stables to clean them.

The words synonymous to Augean stables could be slough, peccant humour, matter, suppuration, pus, lienteria, faeces, feces, ordure, dung, excrement, crap, sewage, sewerage, muck, filth, coprolite, guano, manure, compost, dunghill, sink ,colluvies, mixen, midden, bog, toilet, latrines, laystall, privy, jakes, head, cesspool, sump, cloaca, drain, sewer, dust hole, sty, pigsty, den, lair, sink of corruption, slum and rookery.
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