Where Can I Get Office Cleaning Leads?


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Marketing yourself is vital if you have a product or service to sell. Ideally, you will have people and companies that are interested in what you have to offer contact you rather than the other way round, and in time, as your reputation grows, you probably will have, but in the meantime you have to get yourself known.

When you are selling anything, you have to focus on your target customer, in your case, offices, so there seems little point in doing leaflet drops and putting up notices in a residential area. Instead, you have to get the people who are responsible for office cleaning to know about you, and want what you are offering.

If you can get names, so much the better, and there’s nothing stopping you from ringing a company and asking who deals with arranging the cleaning. Once you have a contact, you can email or write to them, explaining your service and prices. Make sure that you appear to be professional, and can produce evidence of a CRB check so that they know that you can be trusted.

You can offer incentives, such as price reductions for a limited period of time or you could offer to do the first session for free so they can see just how good you are at what you do.

There are also some companies that will act as a go between for you and your clients so they find the jobs for you.  is one such company; they will charge you a finder’s fee, which ranges between £20 and £60 depending on whether you get exclusivity to the lead or not, but you may find that this is a much simpler solution that leaves you to get on with the hard work.
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I always get it from Glenn Brunk Stationers. They are best in office supplies, office furniture, printers, office cleaning equipment, desks, organizers, other accessories.

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