How Do I Cut Angles For Traditional Rafters?


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The main tools used to cut rafters into various angles are the saw and the square. The word square is used both in the noun and verb form, When it is used as a noun, the word square is defined as a tool used by carpenters. When it is used in the verb form, the word to square is defined as to cut a structure into true right angles, that is angles that measure ninety degrees.

A plumb cut is defined as a cut on a rafter which is perpendicular to the roof. It is commonly seen on traditional gable roofs. The point on the roof from where the water drains off from two sides of the plumb cut would be the one at the peak of the roof. A plumb cut is also defined as the cut at one end of the rafter from where the water drips.

There are also square cuts, that is defined as those rafters which are cut at right angles, or angles measuring 90 degrees, and reverse angles, which are the angles opposite of the square cut angles. For example, an angle measuring 34 degrees would have a reverse angle measuring 56 degrees

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