Are Acrylic Tapers Bad?


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In general, acrylic is something to be avoided in regards to body modification. Acrylic is very porous, which can lead to infection and tissue attachment. But it also leaches cancer causing chemicals. Yikes!

Now, as for tapers, if you use the taper correctly, it's not going to do much damage. But that means stretching your piercing and immediately inserting the jewelry. That taper shouldn't be in your ear more than a few minutes tops. Tapers aren't meant to be worn as jewelry anyway, it can screw up your ears.

Metal is better though. Bigger tapers, easier to grip, a better weight. And surprisingly they're not that much more expensive, they can just be hard to find. The internet is your best bet.

But don't wear acrylic jewelry okay? This is basically costume jewelry; not to be worn for long periods of time (think less than a day) and not to be worn in healing piercings. Your best bet is not to wear it at all.

Good luck.

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