Are Electric Blankets Dangerous?


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The dangers of sleeping with an electric blanket could be:

If you wear any sort of medicated patch like one of  these:

Orthoevra (birth control)

Fentanyl (pain)


the excess heat changes the rate at which the medication is absorbed
into the skin. Many people have died from wearing a duragesic patch
like fentanyl and using an electric blanket. The people overdose on the
medication during their sleep and die.

Aside from that issue, I am not aware of any other complications from
using a heating blanket aside from the fact that may be a fire hazard.

Article from: Electric Blanket Safety Fire Council
  Old or damaged blankets cause more than 5000 fires a year. Research
  has shown that electric blankets ten years old (or older) still in use
  in homes in Britain are responsible for 99% of the fires caused by electric
  blankets. Each year 20 people are killed and 100 injured in such fires.
  Local testing events by the Trading Standards Service are a further
  valuable means of reducing such accidents.
  What are the main causes of electric blanket fires?
  Old and damaged electric blankets have caused thousands of fires. Faulty
  blankets are also responsible for deaths and injuries. Some blankets
  become faulty due to having been used other than in accordance with
  the manufacturer's instructions, others due to their age.
  Who is most at risk?
  Older people aged 65 years or more are at greatest risk, with six times
  the national average of fatal injuries and twice the national average
  of non-fatal injuries.
  Key safety messages: The danger signs
  Have your blanket checked or replaced if it shows any of the following
  danger signs:
  * It displays the old BEAB safety mark (if it carries this mark it
  will be more than 10 years old and will not comply with the latest safety

  * The fabric is worn or frayed.

  * There are scorch marks anywhere.

  * The tie-tapes (where originally fitted) are damaged or missing.

  * The flex is worn or damaged.

  * Any connections at the plug or controls are loose.

  * The heating wires have been damaged or displaced. To check, hold the
  blanket up to the light. The wires should be evenly spaced and should
  not touch each other anywhere.

  * Or if you are in any doubt whatsoever!

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