How much would a glass house cost? I would love to live in one.


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It would cost you a whole lotta privacy, Hah!
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Depends on the size of the house and what type of windows are being used. Let's put it this way the wendy's glass sitting area you see on their fast food places use to be 15 k so I would guess a house built out of that type of structure would go for a quarter million/250,000 dollars at the very if I am not mistaken wright bulit a glass house back in the 50'
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Ever heard of lustron homes.
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Now you could build a glass house of a sort like dennis weaver did out of recycled glass wine bottles and cement.
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Why? Someone could throw a rock at your house and it will break.
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Trust me you don't! Ever been in greenhouses, it's super hot in there! You don't want to live in there!
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You Don't need to buy one Build one it may be hard but use fool plus I build my self a RC XD car that I control

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