I Am Trying To Fix My Husband's Papers. He Getting Send Back To Mexico. I Need Help Fixing A Hardship Letter For My Lawyer. So He Can Come Back In To The Usa?


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I am so sorry to hear of another family being separated from a spouse and children. I lived in SW Detroit and there is a large spanish community and I watched men that have lived here for 25-30 yrs being deported back to Mexico, these were hard working people that owned homes, lived decent lives and raised thier families in a good manner. If our government is going to send anyone back to Mexico, why not the people that come here and get into trouble. I have nothing but sympathy for you and your family. President Bush started a terrible thing. He did not specify illegals. I feel that the people that are home owners and have good children that go to school and have decent jobs should stay. Like I said it is the trouble makers that stay and end up in prison where the taxpayers have to provide for. But they are sending the tax paying, good samaritan citizens back. There needs to be laws stating just who is sent back to mexico and not the outstanding mexican citizens that have lived here for years and years. You can contact your Governor, find out who your Democratic senators and congressmen are in your state. You can email them and as long as your husband is an upstanding citizen they should be able to help.
Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Husband. Do a lot of praying and ask for others to pray with you and for you. Prayer in numbers usually do work. I am of no religion but I do believe in God. The Father, the son and the Holy Ghost as one. I will pray for you myself. It does not hurt to ask all religions that truly believe in God to pray for you and your family. Ask this of everyone even in here. Sincerely Diana EMAIL ME WITH THE STATE YOU LIVE IN AND I WILL HELP YOU FIND YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES. AGAIN GOD SPEED BE WITH YOU.

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