How Can I Fix My Husband's Papers After We Are Married?


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It is important to order additional certified copies of your marriage certificate for the sake of your husband's as well as yours. These copies come in handy when you want to show them as proof of your marriage with passport agencies, banks and department of motor vehicles.    Check if there is a place for name change in the marriage certificate for your husband (i.e., in case your husband decides to changes his name post marriage). If there is no space to fill in the name, then you will need court papers to legally make changes to your husband's name. A legal counsel from your local attorney can help find out the procedure in changing the name of your husband, in your state. This procedure is not necessary for the woman. Your husband has to inform the social security administration, banks, certain utility companies and the passport agency of the change in his marital status.    The husband needs court papers if he wants to make a change in his name post marriage unlike in your case, where just a marriage certificate can suffice. Make sure that you keep your husband's papers and yours separately in a different folder, so that they do not get jumbled up and are easily accessible when needed.

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