How Do You Fix Spike Guards?


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Fixing spike guards is quite easy to do as it does not require many wires and you can fix it quite easily. First you need to check the problem that is with it. There are light indicators on the spike guard which tell you the problem with it.

You need to check the indicators and fix the problem. Sometimes the fuse of it is blown which you need to replace it. The fuse will be made available at all hardware stores. In case you do not know what fuse to buy, take the blown fuse to the store and show it to the store keeper. Sometimes it may also happen that your house requires earthing due to which the spike guard might stop working.

In this case, you need to call an electrician, who will do a much better wiring job of the house and fix all the unnecessary currents that pass around the house. You can always buy a new spike guard as they are not too expensive.

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