How Do You Fix A Broken Glass?


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It really depends on what type of glass is broken. Is it a storm window, a pane of glass in a door or regular window, or is it a double pane picture window? Storm windows can be taken to a hardware store to be replaced because sometimes it is much easier to pay someone than take the risk of breaking the glass you bought while installing it. A double pane window is also best replaced by an expert as there is a seal between the to pieces of glass and if that seal is broken, you have to start over or do it again. I standard pane of glass can be easily replaced by first measuring the opening (from wood to wood, do not go from the glazing). Go buy a replacement piece of glass along with some mounting points and glaze. Remove the glass and the the glaze leaving the opening. The take a small portion of the glaze and put it on the frame where the glass sits. Put the glass in and use the mounting points to hold the window in while you prep the glaze and then reglaze the window. Let the glaze cure and then you should paint it to protect it from the elements.
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In case, the glass of your house or you car has been broken, there is no way that you can repair it. Once a glass breaks, it is gone for good. You have to replace the glass with a brand new one. In this case, you need to buy a glass which is quite durable and cannot be broken so easily.
The heavier the glass will be the better durability it will have. In case you fear that the glass might break again, you can also go in for an option of buying glass looking plastic. These objects look exactly like glass but are made of hard plastic and acrylic.

These are long lasting glasses and can be purchased from any home or hardware stores. These glasses are quite cheap compared to glass as well.

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