How Do You Grow Durian?


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Planting Durian has the following: 1. Durian is a large biological
characteristics of trees, tree 15-20 m high, trunk obvious branches weak,
vulnerable to wind damage. Leaves alternate, coriaceous, oblong, glossy blue
green, abaxially with fine granular silver-white scales fluffy, entire. Flowers
large, can be planted every year to spring for the good. Sowing to 20 cm x20 cm
spacing is appropriate. In the seedling growth period, should pay attention to
weeding, and fertilizer and to promote seedling growth. Good mother plants can
be air layering is very easy to root, branches from the circle to the seedling,
just 60-70 days. 3. Planting 30-40 cm height when planted, spacing 3 m x5 m is
appropriate, applied with organic fertilizer, Tuza Fei and the amount of lime as
base fertilizer. Can be planted throughout the year to grow better with soil. 4.
Manure management facilities should focus on the result tree 1 year fertilizer,
that is, pumping the spring bud fertilizer, manure and summer fruit picking
fruit enlargement before the fat, especially fat Shih good fruit enlargement.
Deep application after fruit picking an organic fertilizer. 5. Pruning very
strong due to germination, 1-2 years after planting should pay attention to
shaping, picking fruit promptly after pruning to maintain good tree. 6. Picking
the fruit turn orange or orange-red when it is ripe for harvesting. Fresh fruit
can not be directly after harvest, subject to 4-7 days after the cooked food can
look forward to the soft flesh.

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