How Do You Crochet A Picot Stitch?


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A picot is a loop of thread made for functional and decorative purposes along the border of tatted material, ribbon, lace or crocheted material. To create a picot, the first half of a double stitch is created. Instead of pulling that half-stitch tight against the stitch preceding it, the half stitch is pinched against the base thread, and held some place away from the stitch before it.

The distance at which the half-stitch is maintained shows the ultimate size of the picot. The second half of the stitch is created, and this stitch is slipped down the foundation thread and into place next to the stitch before it. The ensuing picot is then secured between two double stitches. It is also feasible to have the picot anchored between the two halves of a full double stitch.

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