What percentage of homeowners do you think clean their shower in the nude? 4% - 18% or 32%


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I think it's probably 18% for actual cleaning but may go higher if we are counting the people that grab one of those spray bottles and spray down the shower before getting out.
It's a tight space and much easier to clean yourself up with no clothes and rinse off than if you get cleaner or something else on your clothing or just before you clean yourself. Just seems it may be more efficient for some to clean without clothes while already in there.
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Arthur Wright answered
Probably 32%
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Lynne Dwyer
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Actually everyone, it's 18% overall. But, 34% among women. And over 90% have the hand held shower. The hand held shower was one the best inventions ever. I named mine.....Norman.
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I'd say 18% dos it nude...
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I would say four percent but that answer is too easy. Because you would not think a lot of people would do this. I have never known of anyone who has. Maybe it is 32 percent because they probably so it while they are taking a shower
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Lynne Dwyer
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Ahhhhh, but your a guy. :)
Merlin Paine
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Oh so what are you saying that women are far more likely to clean the shower while they are taking a shower than men ....if so that makes sense
Lynne Dwyer
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Very much so.
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I'll go for 18%, as it makes sense to clean the shower at the same time as you are having one.
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Wow hahaha I've never heard of anybody doing this before. I'm gonna say 4% just because I've never heard of ppl doing this.
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You actually clean your showers(?). : ). Isn't that like a oxy-moron. I mean isn't the point of taking a shower to clean you.isn't that like washing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
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Merlin Paine
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Ha ha ha ....like Kramer on Seinfeld
Lynne Dwyer
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Eating in the shower is just plain laziness. Use a napkin. Lol
dan cooper
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I'm gonna say that many, many more are pondering the thought, and computing the idea because the question had the word nude in it.
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I would say about 32% because most females don't like to go in a nasty or dirty shower or tub so they clean the shower while they are still in before getting out and putting their clothes on, and they know the longer you skip cleaning it the dirtier it gets, and much harder to clean, lots of scrubbing...♥♥♥♥

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