My car started ticking and then it stopped. We checked the gas, spark-plugs and it's getting gas and sparks - so what could be wrong?


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Brendon Davis , My Uncle is Experienced., answered

After a talk with my Uncle (at 3:07 in the morning.. You're welcome), he says it could be a number of problems. It could be the alternator, the oil level (if it's low).

A bit of a suggestion to actually specify a problem: Crank up the engine, and listen, so you can identify which part is actually making the ticking noise.

I'll be here to answer more questions.


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Arthur Wright answered

Does this usually happen when fiorst starting up?  If so it may be the valves pinging due to oil reaching them or even cheap gas. This can also happen if timing is off a bit which makes a car hard to start sometimes too

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chevy truck answered

Did the ticking stop or did the car stop? Being specific is very important. If it was ticking and the ticking stopped have a soda and call it a freebee. If it was ticking and the car stopped running it could be very serious like a thrown rod.  A more direct question will get a direct answer, sorry

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