What is made from recycled waste materials?


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Many things, metals are usually melted and made into something else. Newspapers and books are made into newsprint, cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, and ceiling tiles etc. Glass bottles are crushed, melted and recycled into more glass bottles, or used along with sand and gravel in asphalt roads.

Plastic bottles such as milk, shampoo and detergent bottles are ground up, washed and melted to produce plastic parts for automobiles, plastic lumber and other plastic products. This way everything is recycled into something useful. I give away all my non recyclable garbage to Junk It junk removal service and others are given to a recycler nearby.

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Make Pencil holders of showpieces from empty plastic bottles :)
Hope this helps ;)
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It's important to mention that plastic is never really REcycled. It's only ever downcycled, which means that there's a limit to the times that you can reuse a certain piece of plastic.
Therefore, every plastic item ever produced end up in a landfill eventually.
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If people follow simple rules at home it makes recycling a lot easier and waste materials can be made into different things. Like:

1. Recycled paper can be used to save large number of trees and water

2. The green wastage at home must be reused to make the soil fertile.

3. Plastics must be recycled which saves energy and natural resources at large state. Etc...

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