Why Recycling Is Important And Your Organisation Procedures For Recycling And The Disposal Of Hazardous Materials?


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Recycling is important for many reasons; saving the environment and also helping the business save costs. Lots of waste can be recycled, from paper and plastic packaging, to boxes and furniture. Organisations will either have official procedures for recycling, or will take it upon themselves to take recycling away and dispose of it at local recycling sites.  Recycling can even save organisations money, as removal of furniture or computers can be expensive but if a specialised recycling company is involved, they may be able to take unwanted goods away for free.
Why recycling is important
Recycling is important as it helps us conserve materials, reduce waste in the environment, cut costs and lessen the pressure on landfill sites. By recycling an old product instead of making a new product, energy is saved and this can be put towards something else. For example, if one aluminium can is recycled this saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours. Landfill sites use an extremely large portion of our countryside and with an increasing population and subsequently more rubbish; landfills are getting bigger and bigger. Recycling allows rubbish to become re-used instead of buried which can only be a good thing for our environment.
Organisations procedures for recycling and the disposal of hazardous materials
Many organisations adopt a waste hierarchy; disposal, recycle, reuse, reduce. This means that they will try to dispose of any hazardous materials by following legislation, recycle any waste that is able to be recycled, reuse products and sharing items between departments instead of automatically throwing it away, and reduce by asking any suppliers to remove packaging or by trying to reuse or recycle packaging.
Recycling is a necessary part of our lives now and it should be incorporated into work and play so that we get used to recycling instead of disposing. Hopefully this should get easier as governments sign declarations around the world, that they will reduce their carbon emissions in the coming years.
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It is important for my organisation to recycle because it saves organisation money. In the office, we recycle paper and plastic. When we finished with our paper documents, we shred them in the shredder. When the shredder machine is full up, we put all the shredded paper into bags and council collects them.
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Well they seem to be making hat's and stuff out of it and some of it you can use as compost. 

I don't like the hazardous materials cause so far they don't have anything to use it for and they keep making more and putting it on land that won't be any good to use just like calif. With all their pot growing

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I think we all should respect
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