What does your city pick up and dispose of from your house. Here we have two bins, one for garbage, and one for recycle, and in the next couple of years they are adding a third for compost?


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We have two, picked up weekly. One for trash, one for recycling.

On July 1 next year we will also be given a bin for garden waste. From that date, the trash will be picked up weekly and the other two on alternate weeks.

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We have two pickups per week, one for recyclables and one for non recyclable trash. We can put out tree branches (bundled and tied), bagged leaves and any garden debris any time. The recycling truck has a special bin for that. Once a month we have bulk pickup for washers, sofas, etc.

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We have 3 bins but i can only remember what 2 of them are for.. 1 is for garbage, and the other is for recyclables.  

the 3rd one is for food waste. 

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Maurice Korvo
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Do they pick up one type each week, or three different trucks every week? Our will be garbage one week recycle second, and compost (food waste) the third week.
Woof Woofy
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they come on different days in the same week. but every other week for each one.. Garbage is on monday, Tuesday is recycling, and Wednesday for food waste. (last week was when they came around, the 3 trucks).. skip this week. so next week is when they come around again.
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I have one pick up a week. One week it's garbage and green waste and the next week, it's garbage and recyclables. I have two big containers for green waste. All part of the bill. With Sewer added, it's almost a $150.00 a month now.

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