How should we clean our schools?


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By putting dust bins everywhere.

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Our schools need to be thoroughly cleaned because unfortunately schools are a breeding ground for germs, and it is important to stop the spread of germs as quickly as possible.

Cleaning must happen on a daily basis, and I have listed some of the most important cleaning activities needed in order to maintain a clean and healthy school environment - divided into the different parts of the school campus.

Classrooms, science labs etc

  • Empty waste bins
  • Wipe outsides of bins with a damp cloth
  • Polish/ damp wipe tables and chairs
  • Wipe/polish skirting boards, radiators and window ledges
  • Clean any marks on walls
  • Dust IT equipment
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and mop hard floor


  • Vacuum and mop all floors and empty bins
  • Machine scrub floors at least once per week
  • Disinfect toilets
  • Clean hand basins inc. Tap fittings
  • Clean toilet seats and lids
  • Clean mirrors
  • Damp wipe exteriors of pedestals
  • Damp wipe splash backs and any tiles at least once per week
  • Damp wipe pipes and cisterns
  • Replenish toilet rolls and soap

During school holidays wooden floors are waxed and the whole school should have an in depth clean.

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