How can we keep our house clean?


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The biggest thing about keeping a house clean is to not leave things laying about. If it's a mess (spills/dirty dishes) it will look like your house is dirty and nasty. If it's cluttered (kids toys, newspapers, and a bit of everything everywhere) it will look very unkept and chaotic. Here are some tips to help you keep up with your household:
Have things put  away as soon as they are done being used
Scrape and rinse the dishes before you set them in the sink to wash later
Pick up odds and ends every night before bed
Designate places to put dirty and clean laundry
Pick a day to do laundry once or twice a week
Begin a 'shoes-off' policy in the house
Buy little trash cans to put in places where a lot of trash generates
Designate a day to clean each room in the house once a week
When you have spare time, clean something before doing something fun
Sweep at least twice a week
Throw away stuff you don't need (newspaper, mail, broken things, or things you haven't used in over a year)
Clean up the stove/microwave after you make a mess
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The carpet in our home’s high-traffic areas used to get incredibly dirty, so I layered decorative throw rugs and runners on top of the carpet, figuring that those are easy to vacuum or wash when soiled. This has made a big difference. Before I was using carpet cleaner once a month. Now I have to use it only once a season.
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a Russian girl (or a Ukrainian girl) so your house will be
clean. It will be cozy as well. ) Or learn to do at least a little
cleaning every day.

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First of all keep some time in your hand on regular basis for the house cleaning. In the morning clean the bed and bedroom. Clean your bathroom and toilet. Keep all the garbage out off your house. Then clean the floor, sofa and furniture. Use best vacuum for tile or hardwood to clean the floor in a faster way. Clean your kitchen to keep this place hygienic. Then use room freshener to feel the freshness of your home..

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