Which is more economical to run... a gas-powered push lawn mower or an electric-powered push lawn mower?


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Since I bought a Ryobi battery powered mower, I would never use a gas mower again. All you do is charge the battery and it's ready to go. No gas to buy and store or oil either. The electric ones with cords are OK and do the job but you have to drag an extension cord around. The battery powered mower emits no fumes in the air or anything. Try a battery mower and you'll be happy. Best mower I ever had.

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K. B.  Baldwin
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I have an electric with a cord and a small lawn. I love it. No more gasoline, balky starting gas engine, stops dead when I take my hand off the trigger, and avoiding the cord is easy with a little planning. Haven't had to drag a mower to the dealer for repairs in 4 or 5 years now.
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I had a small yard and had both types of mowers at my last house. Had the gas mower until I killed it on a root that stuck up. A two gallon can of gas lasted me all summer. When I replaced it with an electric mower I can't say I even saw a raise in the electric bill. So they were both inexpensive for my less than a quarter acre lot. 

The biggest difference we noticed was the difference in weight. The electric mower was significantly heavier and thus harder to push up hills. It was also cheaper to maintain as there was no oil or plugs to change, or air filter to clean.

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I would say electric would cost more, because you wouldn't have to pay for gas.

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