For those of you that have them, what do you think is the best way to take care of granite counter tops to keep them clean and nice?


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Regular maintenance cleaning for granite countertops. I would do this daily, or after using the kitchen.

Pre clean area. Remove excess crumbs and debris. Wipe up any stains. With granite it's said to always wipe up stains immediately.

Use a cleaning solution of 3 parts mild dish detergent to 1 part rubbing alcohol. Add to very warm water. No citrus dish detergents. Never use ammonia, vinegar or citrus cleaners on granite.

First use a clean white soft cloth. I use never used diapers. They are soft and clean well.

After that use a microfiber cloth to buff out streaks.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Don't use them...


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Tom Jackson answered

It's relatively easy, but not always obvious as to how to proceed. The following link pushes a particular product, but the point is that you learn why using soap and a certain other compounds is not a good idea.

My wife was recently buying some tile for our youngest son's house at a  tile store and wound up talking about granite with one of the salesmen.  It turns out that using a solution with bleach is a "no-no."

People who sell tile and granite have a vested interest in customer satisfaction with the ease and effectiveness of upkeep.  They can actually be a good source of information.

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