Most people just see a trolling motor. You see the chance to build yourself a Cuisinart! 😂 Have you done any repurposing?  Have you seen, or do you have any cool ideas?


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I recently saw a way to turn an old dresser into a children's dollhouse. If my daughter was younger, I'd build one.

I also found a way to make old spoons into a garden dragonfly. You use the spoons for wings.

Another cool thing I found was making bird feeders out of an old teapot and teacups.

Pinterest has some great ideas for repurposing almost anything.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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They're the best!
I really don't use my changing table. I saw several ideas to turn it into things like a desk or serving cart. I love to DIY. I think I drive my husband nuts!
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Veronica Dultry
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Hi Jan. It's the bomb! I get ideas on there for everything.
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I have a friend that pilots a two seater airplane. They don't have air conditioning so I built him an ice box air conditioner out of an old plastic cooler, and old bilge pump, a heater core from an old F150, some PVC pipe and a small electric radiator fan. It worked like a charm and I built 2 more for his friends that also own small airplanes. You just fill the cooler with ice and a little water. The cold water is pumped through the heater core and cold air is blown out by the fan.

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