Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bed mattress? ( I am having a hard time finding one that is well made and lasts.)


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I bought a Stearns and Foster about 8 years ago and I'm still very happy with it. It took me forever to pick out a mattress when I was shopping.

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I have a used prison mattress for sale in good shape nice n comfy lolol just kidding buy a sealy or a serta good stuff that last those tempur pedics get hot

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Cindy  Lou
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Otis you are so funny! I believed you for a second and I was trying to think if my town ever had a sale on prison mattresses and couldn't think of a time. I heard that about the temperpedic getting hot too. I bought one of those "sleep number mattresses" and it was the biggest mistake ever. It's nothing but an air mattress with fabric on it. Thanks!
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Too much money, i have a queen size firm sealy its good but it cost close to $800 for mattress box spring and frame
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Sealy love mine.

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Mattresses are so expensive it's ridiculous! I just bought a Sealy pillowtop firm and I'm very happy with it. I'm sure there are better mattresses out there, but I have to eat too!

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I am not a picky kind of gal. I don't really have an answer but I wanted to answer anyways. We just recently bought one and it was because of the owners/salesman's personality. His name is "Crazy Hal." His ads were hilarious and he is a real "people person." He literally just wanted to sell mattresses. He has good prices but his personality is what will bring us back for each of our kids and we are recommending him to others. I know we are in different states but maybe if you hunt for a little family owned business to help their business rather then a large mattress chain. Hope you find one soon my friend!!!!! :0)

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Thank you!! There's a furniture factory outlet near me and maybe they have some that are good at a decent price. I don't use credit cards so I would have to save up and pay for it all at once so trying to find one that's good for my back but a good price !! We do have some of those guys on local TV commercials that are really funny here too!
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Sin, also, ask about their return / exchange policy before you buy the mattress/box spring. You don't want to be stuck with a mattress that doesn't work for you. Another hint: I used to work in the bedding department in a local retail store.

Instead of investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars in a new bed, you might try getting a new topper for the mattress. Yes, some toppers can get quite expensive so in that case, it's just easier to get the new mattress / box spring.

Years ago, I got an egg crate mattress topper for about $50 (@ Walmart) for a queen sized bed and I'm just now in the market for a new mattress.  So if you want to bide your time,, you can try the cheaper route of getting an inexpensive topper while you scope out some good sales. Good luck!

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If you want to get a comfortable and healthy mattress, you can get Easy Rest Gel mattress because it is hypoallergenic, it dissipates heat, anti-dust and does not create back pain. Most people want only the comfortable bed, but it should be healthy.

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