I bought raid max bed bugs and flea spray. Does it work and how to properly use?


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Cracks beneath your bed? How do you mean. Luckily I have yet to experience bed bugs yet.

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Bed bugs are resistant to such poisons. To keep bed bugs away from your living space and especially your bed you need the newer powders, a silicon gel engineered as a powerful desiccant.

CimeXa. Much more powerful than DE ( diatomaceous earth  ) but the same silicon dioxide, just engineered as an improved way to actually kill bed bugs within 72 hours, This mechanical way of bed bug removal can not be made resistant.

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I use food grade DE for fleas, is this CimeXa pet safe?
John McCann
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CimeXa is pet safe. You can eat it but it would dry your mouth out easily. Same with pets, but you do not put that much down. Less is more with these powders and cimeXa lasts a long time once applied.

Your pets should not be able to eat enough powder to really get a very dry mouth as the application is a small amount. Remember you are trying to kill bed bugs and they are tiny!
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it will work for small period of time but problem will start again soon if you have a small problem of bed bugs you can try this but if it become more big then you can try any bed bug treatment service provider from your locality they use some special eco-friendly and harmless chemicals that destroys bed bugs as well as their coming generations too.so this is a permanent treatment for bed bugs
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I think I used it wrong, instructions not clear. I damped my whole bed, got some of the cracks and beneath my bed. Also, put some on the legs of my bed and desk.

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Do the research .. Just applying a can of bug spray is no where near enough to take care of the problem with a one time application.  Google it. There are many steps to take .. And you have to repeat them a few times.

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