Anyone here actually do, what you would call, literally, spring cleaning, as opposed to other seasons' cleaning?


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Not as much as years ago, but it is the one time of the year that the Windows gets cleaned on the outside and the back porch gets scrubbed down.

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I hire a crew to come in to clean my house every spring. Furniture is moved and cleaned under, windows washed, carpet cleaned, walls scrubbed, woodwork and doors scrubbed, hardwood floors steamed cleaned and polished...........the works.

My dog and I just go somewhere for most of the day and let them do their thing. I'm too old and lazy to do it all myself, so a once a year thorough cleaning is done and I just maintain it throughout the year.

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Not anymore. I would when I lived up north. After having windows and doors closed up for months, I would open everything up and do a deeper cleaning than routine. Since I am back in Florida we are never shut in. Plus I do a deep clean before entertaining, and I do that more here. I just had everyone over for Easter. 

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I am lucky if I ever get anything deep cleaned. I just don't have enough of "me's" to go around. Lol!

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I spring clean one room at a time. Floor to ceiling fixtures. Drawers and cupboards get a through once over.

I also fall clean. Summer clothes get stored away and the chimney pipe gets swept.

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