What Can You Use To Clean White Bridal Satin Shoes?


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I have just this minute cleaned the heels, which were stained with mud and grass stains,of a pair of champagne coloured satin shoes with a solution of cool water and biological washing liquid, gently rubbing using a soft towel and they have come up like a dream,marks completely gone.
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In case you have purchased white bridal satin shoes that are expensive and from a really good shoe shop, then it is best that you get back to the shop and ask the shoe sales man about maintaining it. You also have various shoe laundries, which help you keep your shoes clean as ever. All you need to do is spend a few bucks more.

In case your shoe is not that expensive then you can take the chance of dyeing it. Satin cloth is difficult to get rid of any kind of marks but you can try and wiping it off immediately with water. You will also get some kind of solution in the shops to wash away dirt from satin, try and sue that also. But again if it is expensive then please do contact the shop itself for its maintenance.

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