Do you have a home remedy for getting rid of ants?


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Cinnamon :D

Just...go a little easy on it

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When I first see them I start wiing down the area with those clorox wipes. Then I try and discover exactly where they are coming in. Usually it is under a door or a window sill. I apply "Home Guard Spray" and that usually keeps them out for at least a season.

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Yin And Yang
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I am doing the wipes ☺
But it's driving me nuts cuz I can not find where they are coming in at. They aren't even forming a line yet.... just congregating in groups! Lol!
Aapsworld AbhiGaurav
if you have a small area you can various home remedy for removing ants but if it becomes a problem then you can hire any pest control service provider from your area. aapsworld is a company providing pest control service there is a flat 50% discount so you can try such company too.
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I always had to find the nest and spray that with ant spray. It was often in potted plants.

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Would I be looking for a mound or a hole for a nest? I heard before if you find the queen and kill her the workers will leave.
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My friend always found an actual path from the woods to their house. Once they poisoned across the path the ants stopped . . . I've yet to see a darn path at my house, yet from time to time I have ants.

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