Why might my black jeans smell like sulfur? and any tips on how to get rid of the odor?


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Good question! I have wondered that as well! ☺

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Really it comes down to this, black jeans have been dyed, dyed again and yet died again, just to be black. To make that color stays they have to use a ton of chemicals and the end result they smell like sulfur! If you love the smell of sulfur then you're just weird and you can ignore the steps below! If not then try the "Smelly Jean Washing" recipe below!


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It's true---I do have a lot of knowledge. But for these kinds of questions my first degree is in theoretical physics gives me a lot of insight as to how to search for answers to get useful ones.

I'm kind of like the research department of a library---I know how to find stuff online rather than on the shelves.
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Also, physicists study chemistry, biology, and math as well as physics.
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Wow!!! That's great my friend! I didn't know you enjoyed physics. ☺

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