What Is A Thimble Eye Bolt?


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A thimble eye bolt is a type of eye bolt. Unlike most other eye bolts, the thimble eye bolt is has an unusual contoured head. This not only distinguishes the thimble eye bolt from the other kinds of eye bolts but also considerably increases its dependability, which explains why the thimble eye bolt is quite extensively used to fasten cables. Its unique contoured head prevents the cable from bending, spreading or kinking. The average thread length of a thimble eye bolt is around six inches. Its applications are similar to those of a Nut Eye Bolt.

Eye bolts is a term used to describe bolts that are basically small screws with threads on one end and a loop on the other end. They are often used to attach lines to select objects, like for example, attaching a cable to a painting in order to hang the painting from a nail in the wall. The others kinds of eye bolts include the Nut Eye Bolt, Angled Eye Bolts and Oval Eye Bolts to name a few.

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