How Quickly Should An Air Conditioner Cool Down?


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If your air conditioner is heated during operation and cooled for a long time - this symptom indicates that your air conditioner is not in order. You should contact the service center, or at least read on the Internet about the possible reasons for such a malfunction. Perhaps you just need to clean the filters, and maybe the problem is more serious.

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That strongly depends on the local circumstances.Tips: Turn on your unit early in the morning; this keeps the cool air in
the room so there is no need to cool down again. For more tips, check famousacandheat.
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Generally speaking the faster an air-conditioner cools the better it is. Air conditioner capacity is defined as "tons" that is a particular amount of tons of refrigeration. Each ton can be described as the cooling that is achieved by two thousand pounds or nine hundred and seven kilograms of ice that melts over a period of twenty four hours.

This is however in laymen's terms scientifically this can be equated to twelve thousand BTU or British thermal units every hour. Twelve thousand BTU is equal to approximately three thousand five hundred watts. Air conditioners that are used for residential purposes are around two to five tons of capacity. The higher capacity air conditioners naturally are more powerful and cool faster but consume much more energy. Other factors and level of ergonomics used in the building's design also affect the rate at which the air conditioner cools.

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