Can You Use Boric Acid To Get Rid Of Bugs?


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Yes you  can. They eat it and also track it back to their nests.
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It is very good for bugs especially roaches it keeps them away,use it along the base boards and at the back of your sink out of the way of pets or kids not sure if it will harm them so I would not take chances cayenne pepper is also good and serves the same purpose...good luck
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Pamela Krueger
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In the hot part of the summer we have those sewer type roaches outside in the flower beds, etc. I totally freak out when I see one of those. Sometimes they get into the house, and although they aren't as bad as those small roaches that get in one's cupboards, they are so gross looking because they are soooo big! I had been using boric acid, but with our cat also liking to "play" with those creatures sometimes, might not be good, huh? Thanks for your answer bgirl.
nettie commented
One thing for sure we know cayenne pepper will do no harm except to make him sneeze his fool head off,you are very welcome kid
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Out side not me! You can but you still have that tree messing with your sewer line!
Tell me what kind of bugs and I'll tell you Email me Kid!

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