What Is A Thermostat?


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Thermostat is an appliance which controls the heating and cooling system. The mechanism of thermostat depends on the operation of a circuit that is controlled by temperature sensitive phenomena at one end and to the environmental system at the other end.

A thermostat may be designed in various forms – the most common form that is seen in homes and offices is made up of bimetallic strip. The bimetallic strip actually consists of two different metals tightly bonded with each other. The concept of this bimetal strip is that the two metals expand in significantly different lengths with the temperature change, which eventually causes the strip to bend to some extent, and that bending of the strip causes the circuit to close down in order to start the air conditioner. Now as the air of the room gets cooler, it makes the metal strip gets cooler as well – this leads to the metal strip to get straighten out so that it leads open the circuit once again and it will turn off the air conditioner.

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